Collectively Shaping our Water Future in Brisbane


The World Economic Forum recently published The Global Risks of Highest Concerns for 2016. Their findings highlighted that the Water Crisis will be the biggest risk for the next 10 years. From too much water to too little; from poor water quality to the resource revolution; from aging infrastructure to stormwater innovations, and every other water need and challenge that happens from the source to tap and back to nature –- we have a lot to talk about and solve! IWA World Water Conference and Exhibition will be the conference & exhibit for all of us water professions to connect, discuss, brainstorm, innovate and lead how we can shape our water future and improve quality of life with our most precious resource.

Specifically in Brisbane, I look forward to help shaping our water future by looking at cities. By 2050 75% of the world’s population will be in cities. Water in cities is where we will see our water future most greatly challenged. How can we take learn from Dutch cities and coastlines, who have been living with their waterscape innovations for decades, and apply them to the new resilience efforts in mega cities like New York City? How can we help Sao Paulo and Los Angeles with their water demand? Arcadis’ commitment to combat climate change, city resiliency, promote sustainable urbanization, reuse diversity and boost asset productivity are just a few topics we plan to highlight around cities and their water challenges.

Many of the world’s leading cities and utilities are also leading water innovation and change, but are often siloed from one another. This is what makes this conferences so unique as city leaders, utilities, consultants and other water professionals alike can come together to share lessons learned, highlight innovations and have the opportunities to collaborate. We can make a difference!

At Arcadis, improving quality of life is what we do. As we approach IWA’s World Water Conference and Exhibition in Brisbane, our experts will be able to share how they are shaping our water’s future and improving quality of life with water. We are thoroughly excited to present and participate in panels, committees and roundtables as well as exhibit at 2016 IWA WWCE – please be sure to come check Arcadis out. See you in Brisbane!

–John Batten
Arcadis, the leading global natural & built asset design & consultancy firm
Global Director of Water and Cities

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