IWA WDCE 2017 – President World Water Council gives keynote

IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2017

The event for water companies with a strategy
The Congress & Exhibition brings together water leaders and influencers from around the world to debate the key issues shaping the future of the water sector.
2009 – MEXICO • 16 Exhibitors / 2011 – MALAYSIA • 43 Exhibitors / 2013 – KENYA • 59 Exhibitors / 2015 – JORDAN • 80 Exhibitors /
2017 – ARGENTINA  • 100 Exhibitors expected

Join the event for water professionals interested in the future of water management in developing and emerging economies. World Water Council President Benedito Braga, will be one of the keynote speakers addressing the world’s leading water professionals at the event for sustainable water solutions in emerging economies. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain privileged access to and insight from key water leaders ahead of the 8th World Water Forum, and help to influence their thinking.





“We are excited to be part of this important international event which means the possibility to showcase our systems and share our expertise and the latest engineering solutions with our colleagues from around the world. It is an invaluable opportunity to highlight our technologies and know how in the water and waste water world.”




You have a few more weeks to submit your proposals. We are looking for the best content that will enable the worlds leading water professionals! Send your proposals until the 12 June 2017 and receive a presenter discount on your registration!
Submissions and presentations are accepted in English and Spanish.

The Congress offers critical insights for urban leaders from low- and middle-income countries, who are confronting the twin  challenge of rapid urbanisation and providing sustainable of water services.
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The current drought ravaging parts of Eastern Africa and the subsequent famine triggered largely by failed rains is enough proof that water indeed is life. Sarah Timbatemwa expresses her thoughts on solution for this crisis.







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