IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018 in Tokyo

Global Business at the Exhibition…

Exhibitors will benefit from an unique opportunity to connect with thought leaders from within and outside the water sector, and to network with over 5,500 delegates and visitors drawn from a wide range of organisations from over 100 countries worldwide.

Sponsors of the World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018 will also benefit from having their brand promoted to IWA’s worldwide network of more than 80,000 water professionals through multiple communications channels, including digital channels and international, regional and local media during the event.


Showcase Your company and solutions in front of over 5000 water professionals.

The benefits of sponsoring go well beyond the Congress and can help cement your products and services as the ‘go-to’ brand for water professionals. You will take advantage of branding rights, targeted IWA promotions, online and offline exposure through multiple communications and media channels, business forums and VIP networking.

Visit our website www.worldwatercongress.org for more information.

What’s your BIG IDEA for urban resilience?

Storm Harvey’s massive impact across Texas and Louisiana is highlighting critical lessons for city planners worldwide. As climate change intensifies both floods and droughts, cities urgently need to address the harsh reality that many aren’t prepared for an increasingly uncertain future. Building sustainable cities of the future is an important focus of the World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018. What is the role of utilities? How do we create water-wise communities? How can city planners and political leaders work better with water professionals to deliver shock-proof cities?

Submit your ideas and see for yourself Tokyo’s ‘futuristic underground flood system’  during the World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018..

Have a Big Idea to another water challenge?
Check out our 6 thematic tracks and submit an abstract or a session proposal

In the spotlight this week:
Communities, Integrated Planning & Enabling Environment

This track explores how utilities work with and within their cities and communities, including a range of policy and urban planning professionals, to maximize their effectiveness and contribution to society. This is a key element in delivering water-wise cities of the future.


Meet and discuss what matters to you on a face to face basis with a truly international audience at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018

Water utilities play a central role in Cities of the Future… 

Some key issues covered through papers and sessions in this track include: :

  • How utilities understand and plan for the opportunities and challenges that confront them into the future, including acute shocks such as natural disasters and chronic stresses such as climate change;
  • How to proactively participate in the water cycle as water-wise citizens.
  • How to add value to the broader community they serve, beyond the core services of water supply and sewerage;

How to work in partnership with stakeholders, in particular urban planners and other trusted organisations in the community.



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