IWA WWCE 2018: The Emerging Technologies & Challenge Exchange Hub

The water sector faces some key challenges such as rapidly rising customer demand due to population growth and urbanization / industrialization, increasing energy costs and in most regions an aging asset base with minimal available finance to maintain or replace it.
Therefore, The IWA-ISLE Emerging Technologies Hub & Program (ETP) will host interactive discussions with industry leaders such as Aqualia, Anglian Water, SUEZ to highlight the opportunities and challenges to the deployment of water innovation around the world. Case studies and a Strategic Round table session organized by program partner SWAN will provide an opportunity to elaborate on the path forward.
The ETP pavilion will showcase 11 promising new water solutions from 9 different countries. A dedicated pitch session will enable each ETP exhibitor to present to a distinguished panel of judges and a broader audience of water industry professionals.

Currently, the sponsors of the Emerging Technology & Challenge Exchange Hub are:

The participants in this pavilion are:

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What our Exhibitors say…

LG Sonic is a leading international manufacturer of ultrasonic algae control and biofouling prevention systems. LG Sonic products provide an environmentally friendly solution to effectively control algae and biofouling in lakes, reservoirs, treatment plants, and other applications. We look forward to showcase our innovative treatment and monitoring solutions at the IWA WWCE 2018 and meet new people from all over the world.

One of the biggest global water challenges is providing safe drinking water and reducing the amounts of possibly harmful chemicals used in the treatment process. Therefore, we developed the MPC-Buoy. The MPC-Buoy is a floating, solar-powered, system that combines real-time water quality monitoring and LG Sonic ultrasound technology to control algae in large water surfaces. The MPC-Buoy reduces chemical dosages and, in many cases, replaces the need to chemically treat the lake or reservoir. LG Sonic works together with top-level water utilities such as American Water and South West Water to keep their water reservoirs free of algae.

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